Tips On Online Marketing For Businesses

If you have a small business whether it’s a newly established one or one that has been awhile, its only natural to market your products and services. Aside from the usual old school marketing, you should also add some attention to online marketing as well. With the availability of the internet today, marketing your business through the web is better and can reach out to a lot of people. To do this, you will need to have knowledge about it and to give you that knowledge, take some time to read the information here.

• First thing to do is create a blog for your business. A lot of businesses have their own blogs aside from their own site. Here you can provide your prospects and customers with informative content that aren’t too much of a pushy sales pitch. Also this is a good way to interact with visitors by replying to their comments to keep the conversation going.

• Next you will have to leverage your social media marketing. Social media is very helpful and produces almost double the leads than most other traditional marketing platforms. Create an account and build a page about your business on Facebook then you’re set to go.Advertise your products and service. Have people follow your page and always keep your business page updated by posting fresh contents. You can also make use of other social media like LinkedIn or Twitter.

• Email marketing is another way and great for engaging customers. But if you keep it in a silo then you are merely limiting the potential it can give. Devise a good email marketing campaign and integrate it with other marketing campaigns.

• Finally, you can try PPC or Pay Per Click advertising using Google AdWords. If you have the budget then you can go for this type of campaign. It’s easy to gain prospects and leads with your chosen keywords. This might take some time to understand and properly set up but if everything is done right then you will surely feel results fast.

If you are going for a PPC campaign, take a look at this video and it will help you a lot.

Importance Of Blog For Small Business

Small businesses should have a blog contrary to some who thinks it’s a waste of time and effort. Having a blog for your business, especially if its a small and newly established one, can greatly help you in many ways. It is easy and cheap way to drive traffic to your site, attract possible customers and improve your marketing efforts. There has been studies support the fact that companies mostly get their customers from their blogs and another survey of marketers says that around 80% of businesses say that having a blog for their business is critical and very useful for their business.

Importance Of Blog For Small Business

To get you to understand the importance of blogs for small businesses, here are some of the known benefits you can get from it.

Boost in ranking in search engine

When you create a blog, you will definitely going to incorporate SEO practices with it. If you do, then you will definitely gain some ranking boost. The best way to gain that boost is to make fresh and quality contents and what better way to do that is by posting it in your blog. By writing and posting fresh content consistently, you give search engines like Google new content to index which in turn create opportunities to gain ranking and increase your visibility on the search engine result pages or SERPs.

Connecting With People

One of blog’s feature is the ability to show a personal side of a business. This gives others a sense of personality, vision and corporate standards of your company.It is also a good way to communicate with others especially with potential customers and even the existing ones. If you allow comments or feedbacks in your blog, you will able to read their thoughts about a posts and reply to them. Responding to a reader’s comments, you will build trust and gain valuable insight into what they are looking for.

Importance Of Blog For Small Business

Blogging What Is Your Goal

Blogging What Is Your Goal

A blog is made for any businesses in order to give information and promote about their products and services. But it’s not all about that. Its all about communicating with your target audience by sharing relevant posts and such.Blogging is also one important SEO practice that is still being used today. In creating a blog, once must have a goal about what they want to achieve with their blog. To know what I mean, below are some questions that could help in understanding the goal you are trying to achieve in having a blog.

• When you create a blog, do you make one in order to build a thought-leadership for your brand or the company you are promoting?

• Are you creating a blog in order to build a channel to drive in deep linking to a specific page within your site?

• Are you making a blog because you have issues with the reputation management?

• Do you want to share tips and techniques or any helpful information to people who are looking for it?

• Or is it for personal use like ranting or something like that?

So once you got the goal in your mind all set, it’s time to find options on where to put your blog. What I mean here is finding the right place for your blog like should it be in a subdomain, subdirectory, a completely different or separate domain, or you are going to use either WordPress or Blogger, these sort of options.

Whatever the options you choose, all of them have pros and cons. An example is when you choose a wordpress blog, you will have easy access to a lot of great themes some are free but the good ones are paid. Also a free wordpress user, your blog name will something like this “” which is somehow common but if you have the money you can get a domain and setup your blog to look like your own site.

Blogging What Is Your Goal